Who can take part in this workshop?

In today’s world everyone goes around swinging a camera. But only few can actually take a good photo. Now, why is that? Yeah, you guessed that right! Having a camera is quite different from actually knowing how to use one. You can own the world’s best camera, but if you don’t know the basic rules and principles of photography, you simply won’t transform from a novice into a good photographer.

Don’t worry though, we are here to help ninja-start your descent into the pool of photography knowledge.

This workshop is designed for people who are:

  • still struggling to understand how the damn Manual (M) Mode of their camera works
  • knowledgeable about photography basics or “theory” but don’t know how to apply them in real life scenario
  • hobbyist photographers, but somehow their photos miss the edge

Workshop Overview

Workshop date: 25th Aug 2019 (Sunday)

Workshop timing: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Venue: DreamTales Studio, Indiranagar

Language: English & Hindi

How is this workshop going to help?

  • You will leave the workshop with a solid understanding of the science behind operating a DSLR camera
  • You will understand the different types of photography, and will know the tools to apply them in your genre of choice
  • You will earn key knowledge of the various features of a DSLR camera
  • You will learn to maneuver the perfect camera settings for shooting in any kind of situation
  • You will be able to capture fantastic images for your viewers!

Know your workshop host

Shivadeep Baruah
Shivadeep Baruah
This workshop will be hosted by the founder of DreamTales Studio himself, Shivadeep Baruah. He is an avid commercial and wedding photographer with an experience of over 6 years in professional photography. He has covered over 65 weddings, and has more than 300 commercial shoots under his belt. He is an artist with keen eyes, crafty mind and a wicked sense of humour. He chose to take on professional photography as a career, essentially retiring his IIM graduate degree to the closet.

Course Modules

Module 1 (Basics of Photography) [2hrs 30mins]

Type of cameras

  • Different types of cameras: DSLR/Mirrorless/Smartphones, and their pros and cons.

Type of lenses

  • Different lenses and their usage.
  • Learn which lenses are the most suitable for your needs.


  • Megapixels and their implications.

Camera sensors

  • What are camera sensors?
  • The type of sensors in different cameras and smartphones.
  • How do different camera sensors affect your images?

DSLR vs Mirrorless vs Phone camera

  • Differences between a DSLR vs Mirrorless Vs Phone camera.
  • How to use each of these in a more effective way to take better shots.

Module 2 (Going A2M Camera Basics) [2hrs 30mins]

Revision of previous section(s).

Shutter Speed

  • What is shutter speed?
  • How does it affect your camera images?


  • What is aperture?
  • How does Aperture affect your camera images?


  • What is ISO?
  • How does ISO affect your camera images?

Camera Modes

  • The functions of different camera mode
  • Operating the Manual mode in the camera


  • Determining the exposure of different shots effectively


  • Colours balanced photos by using white balance.

Exposure Compensation

  • What is Exposure Compensation?
  • How does Exposure compensation affect camera images?

Auto-Focus Points

  • Controlling Auto-focus points in your camera images.
  • The different types of autofocuses in cameras and how to use them.

Camera Curtains

  • What are camera curtains?
  • How does camera curtains affect your images?

Module 3 (Practical – Discovering Manual mode) [2hrs 30mins]

Photo walk – Assignment

  • The participants of the course will go on their first outdoor shooting experience together.

Applying learning from Module 2

  • Utilizing your newly acquired knowledge on photography by applying them practically in the field.

Exploring creative possibilities

  • Participants of the course are encouraged to develop their photography skills while being creative in their shots. They are encouraged to actively use the knowledge from the classes in creating innovative and interesting pieces of photography.

Module 4 (Learning about Camera Focus) [2hrs 30mins]

Revision of previous section(s).


  • Differences between a RAW photo and a JPEG image.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of RAW and JPEG.

Focal Length

  • Focal length plays a vital role in shaping your images. In this section, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the usage of different focal-length lenses.

Focusing Techniques

  • Different focusing techniques that your camera supports.

In depth learning about Auto-focus points.

Understanding DOF

  • Depth of field is one of the most crucial elements of your photos. In this section, you’ll learn how DOF works.
  • How does DOF work in co-relation with focal length?

Camera Position & Angles

  • Learning how to handle your camera better in a different shooting situation.
  • The best practices on shooting in rights angles and shots to get the best photographs.

Module 5 (Compositions) [2hrs 30mins]

Compositions rules

  • Every photo needs a structure. Learn how to compose your shots the best way to get amazing professional-like results.

Eyes see different from a camera

  • Exploring why some photos we see doesn’t end up great in our camera.
  • Training on how to improve yourself in seeing through the lens.

Module 6 (Photowalk) [2hrs 30mins]

Outdoor shoot learning

  • After learning more about your camera and how to compose shots. You’ll go for the second round of exploring them in the wild.

Application of composition rules

  • It is time to improve your photography skills with your newly acquired knowledge in the field.

Module 7 (Portrait shoot practical) [2hrs 30mins]

Live model Portrait shoot outdoor

  • Shivadeep will take the participants on the field with a live model to shoot outdoor and demonstrate how to take amazing pictures using different lenses, locations and compositions.
  • Participants will also get their chance of taking their photos first-hand.

How to pose

  • Shivadeep will show how to pose your model for the perfect shot that you need.
  • You’ll learn how to guide your model to take their best photographs.

Basic lighting gears

  • Shivadeep will demonstrate a few lighting techniques to get the best photos in different lighting situations using reflectors and external lights.

Module 8 (Lightroom Editing Basics) [2hrs 30mins]

Lightroom editing

  • You’ll not just learn to take good photos but also edit your photos using lightroom. You’ll learn how to navigate and use the tools of lightroom.

Basics of editing

  • Shivadeep will take you through the basic workflow and post-processing tricks in lightroom to make your photos look even better.

Module 9 (Lighting Basics) [2hrs 30mins]

Lighting basics indoor [flash usage]

  • Basics of taking indoor photos using a few light
  • Demonstration of how to take beautiful images of some daily products.

Manipulating environment

  • Learn a few tricks of managing your environment to help your photos come to life and give a dimension to your shots.

Module 10 (Photoshop Editing Basics) [2hrs 30mins]

Photoshop editing

  • Editing your photos using photoshop, the most widely used software for photo editing.
  • How to navigate and use the tools of PS?
  • The difference between lightroom and photoshop.

Basics of editing

  • Shivadeep will take you through the basic workflow and post-processing tricks to make your photos look even better in Photoshop.

Module 11 (Exam) [1hr]

Final test

  • Participants will be taking a small written test to refresh the entire course learning.
  • The two highest scorers will receive an award.

Showcase photo

  • Participants will submit the best 5 photos that were taken during the course duration for the exhibition.
Module 12 (Starting with Photography Business)

Getting your first paid client

  • Understanding the market
  • How to get yourself ready to do photography business
  • Camera gears requirements
  • Choosing your photography genre


All participants will receive a certificate for signing up in the course.


To honour all participants for valuing photography and dedicating their valuable time to attend this workshop. We will present everyone with an certificate.

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DTS Creative Network

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Course fee

Pilot official workshop 40000/-

Early bird 40000/- 35000/- (Registering on or before 18th Aug 2019)

*Also, all participants will receive 5% discount for the next workshop or shoot requirment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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No. All registration has to be completed online, and before the workshop.

Yes, you can carry either or both. However, laptop will not be necessary.

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  • 50% of the amount if you cancel before 21st Aug 2019
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