Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, we have a sweet little dig all set up. We generally execute all our shoots within the confines of our studio. We do, however, go for outdoor or on-location shoots at times.

Yes, the price quoted for any such product photoshoot will include the fees of the model(s). 

Yes. We prefer to conduct all our shoots in our studio itself. Hence, you will need to send your products to our studio. In some cases, we can arrange to get your product(s) picked up by us. 

The resolution and format will vary from project to project. We will provide you with images in the format you require. We generally deliver the images in jpeg, png & pdf formats. Our videos would be in 1080p/720p full HD formats.

The cost depends on multiple extenuating factors such as volume of products, type of product, type of photoshoot required, and usage of images. A proper quote can be tabled only after having a face to face discussion with you.

In short, yes! It really depends on the type of shoot you are looking for. Some shoots can be executed quickly but some shoots require elaborate planning, and hence, more time. 

We usually share it via cloud or file sharing services. You can access all the files sent anytime, and from any place you want. 

We have an small inventory of in-house props that can be utilized for shoots. But for more specific stylings and ideas, we recommend that you arrange for the prop yourselves or pay us to acquire the said prop.

Well, in that case, we will just make sure you are not! Depending on the project, we are willing to perform a re-shoot for you – at no extra charges. 

No, we don’t. We have third-party tie-ups for the same.

We take 50-80% of the total amount before commencement, depending on the type of shoot we are undertaking. We accept cash, online transfer & cheque payments. 

No. However, the client has to reimburse us for travel, food, accommodation charges, and props charges (if any). For on-location shoots, there will be an additional charge, which will be communicated to you when tabling our proposal.