This wedding photography story belongs to Prachi and Karthick, who resides in Bengaluru but are from two different states namely Lucknow and Madurai. They both fell in love in spite of being two different individuals with culture differences.

The Love-Story

Their love story begins from their workplace, where Karthick was Prachi’s trainer. Karthick immediately gets attracted to Prachi. He keeps calm because he was superior to her professionally. As time went by, he thought of approaching her and tell how he feels, but all in vain. Karthick is a smart, intelligent and confident person good with people management. On the other hand, when it comes to his personal life, he is just the opposite. One fine day, Prachi approached Karthick with some query and they finally started talking. Queries led to discussions, discussions led to jokes, jokes led to coffee and coffee led to dating.

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The Struggle

Although, initially both of them were not sure about their relationship, they went on dates casually. Meanwhile, Prachi had to leave the country for some offsite posting, where she understood the importance of Karthick in her life. During their separation period, Prachi and Karthick both realized that they cannot imagine their lives without each other. They decided to be together forever as husband and wife. The challenge here was to convince their parents for their marriage as both of them are from different communities. At the beginning, their parents did not support the idea of the inter-caste marriage. Subsequently, they got convinced to see their children’s unconditional love for each other.

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All about the wedding

The wedding preparation was going on full-swing, until it was time to take the most crucial step of the wedding. It was to finalize some professional expert to cover their wedding story. Therefore, Prachi’s brother Nishant approached Shivadeep of DreamTales Studio to cover his sister’s wedding. Shivadeep, being one of the wedding professionals met both the families and decided to cover their marriage in the most unique way possible.

Prachi explained Shivadeep how she wants the wedding to be covered, as it is the most special day of her life. Later, Karthick joined them and they planned, discussed and exchanged ideas about their wedding photo-shoot.

NOTE for photographers: Always befriend the couple you are shooting with, as it creates a comfortable vibe and enables to capture better pictures.

Following was the plan set for the coming days:
Next day morning, Shivadeep was to do a pre-wedding shoot session for Prachi and Karthick followed by the Sangeeth ceremony in the evening.
Next to next day, photo-shoot for the Haldi ceremony in the morning, reception in the evening followed by the wedding.

In the evening, everyone started to roll in for the Sangeeth ceremony, where Prachi wore a gorgeous yellow lehenga and Karthick wore a classy purple sherwani. The evening was filled with fun and laughter among guests from both the bride and groom’s side. Dances and singing performances made the evening special until the DJ stepped in and turned the entire evening in to a lively and sensational night

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Next day morning, it was Haldi ceremony, where the ceremony started with traditional folk songs and Indian rituals. As a tradition, all the family members applied turmeric to both Prachi and Karthick. DreamTales Studio had a great time shooting their wedding as it was both an opportunity and a wonderful experience.

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The same day evening was the beautiful reception where the DreamTales Studio did not miss the chance to take some prep shots for both the bride and the groom. The reception took place on an open lawn with varieties of delicious cuisines served for the guests. Prachi looked like a princess in a pink lehenga and Karthick looked dashing and handsome in his black suit. When DreamTales Studio was capturing the reception of Prachi and Karthick,

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The final moment of their life arrived when Prachi walked in to the venue with a gorgeous yellow saree to tie the knot with Karthick. They both were so happy as their dream of being together forever was about to come true. The wedding took place wonderfully and DreamTales Studio made sure to capture the perfect pictures of their journey.

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The Dreamtales Studio completed their project yet again and returned home with lots of memories. I hope you loved this wedding story. If you want us to make a tale of your wedding as well, book us now at

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